Breaking Down

Breaking Down
Daren Pitts Redman

What We Do

Get your work published on mê tis! All published contributors will be paid 1 free copy of the magazine. In addition, all submissions from the Bloomington campus will be eligible for cash prizes as part of Ivy Tech-Bloomington's Creative Writing Contest. Winners will be chosen by Literary Magazine Editors*.

* Literary Magazine Editors are not eligible for the contest which they judge.

Our Mission

"mê tis" is Greek for "somebody." The mission of this literary magazine is to publish new voices from the Ivy Tech community, to provide a public forum for the stories, poems, plays, memoirs, and created images of our students, faculty, and staff, because we believe that each one of you is a potential, literary/artistic "somebody."

Editorial Statement

This magazine publishes original, creative work of a high and distinctive quality. Preference will be given to submissions that are concrete and image-based, i.e., works that evoke the five senses and works that avoid sentimentality.